Trying to get support for WLA

My landscape architecture blog – WLA has been a labour of love for 10 years and has luckily had supporters for about 6 out of the 10 years. It has always been hard to get financial supporters for WLA as it seems even now in the prosperous time’s people don’t see the value. WLA is not the only landscape architecture blog or writing that struggles to get funding.  I am not complaining and understand the pressures of running businesses. However, it is troubling when the industry doesn’t back its own in promoting the industry, especially when every month I am paying out $$$ and not getting a salary or stipend for promoting the landscape architecture industry.

Many ask why don’t get more suppliers support WLA due to the high traffic on the website (50K visitors/month and 235,000 ranking in the world) and often my response is a mix of “suppliers don’t understand the value of blogs, digital media and are still into buying print and going to expos” or “they do their own blogs, social media and marketing so allocate the budget inhouse”. It is challenging and frustrating at times, usually at the end or the start of each year I think it is worth continuing for another year? What am I gaining? What are the benefits? Many think that WLA is some large team with a large budget when the truth is it is a one-man show using my own funds to keep it going. Many landscape blogs and sites have come and gone over the years, there are four (some old and some recent) that remain on different platforms (some with institute funding), 2018 will be interesting to see the changes.

I hope that 2018 is a good year and that I can get some more sponsors and partners. Currently, I have a few for this year and are thankful for their support.

WLA #02 – Landscape Architecture Magazine – combining my two passions

I have recently set about publishing a quarterly landscape architecture magazine called WLA, after my website World Landscape Architecture. It is an interesting process with many hours of emailing, downloading, cross checking, proof reading, sending proofs and overall administration to publish a magazine whilst working full-time in Shanghai. Essentially I love creating the magazine as it allows me to combine my tw0 passions – technology and landscape architecture. Also included are many projects from across the world including a project from China at Wuyuan Moon Bay  by HASSELL.

The latest edition (#02) includes the 9/11 memorials in New York and Shanksville. They are two very different memorials using space in a completely different way. One an urban landscape with a large plaza surrounded by flat plinth of trees, the other a wide open field that requires a lot of thought on how to memorialise those lost whilst creating a landscape that softly touches the landscape. Both have achieved high-quality designed landscapes that will be remembered for many years to come. I have uploaded a 10-page sample to World Landscape Architecture and also the full edition is available as a digital and print formats (digital included for free with print version).

You can also get WLA #01 that features projects from across the world including projects designed by Gustafson Porter, James Corner Field Operations, JMD Design, Valentien+Valentien,  ACT, and others.