There are no gatekeepers to reaching your audience

I think that we all (especially landscape architects, designers, etc) need to realise that there are many benefits of the new media world (including social media). You now have the power to get your ideas, projects,  and message out to your clients, allied professionals colleagues,  and the mainstream audience far more simply and quickly than […]

Book Review | The Social Organism by Oliver Luckett & Micheal J. Casey

I picked up The Social Organism after watching Oliver Luckett on Gary Vaynerchuk’s #askgaryvee vlog and was interested in the concept of social (media) as seen from the lens of an organism. The book gives background of the Social Organism and how the seven rules of life (biology) can be applied to social media. Luckett explores social […]

Businesses are treating social media like a webpage in the mid-1990’s

Social media is currently in the same place webpages where in the mid-1990’s where businesses where putting up their business webpage and expecting people to come and start buying. It wasn’t until businesses realised they needed to promote their website and integrate it with their existing marketing that their webpages started generating emails, calls and […]

Social (Media) – How to formulate your strategy

Today on twitter I saw a link to Design Victoria Social Media Breakfast presentation slides. It is probably the best set of slides I have seen on how, what, why of formulating a social (media) strategy for small to medium (SME) business. Design Victoria Social Media Breakfast View more presentations from Emily Doig/social media daily

Social Infographic – Facebook vs twitter

Digital Surgeons recently posted an infographic – Facebook vs Twitter. The most interesting data is the differences between Age Group, Education, mobile logins and brand followers. Both sets of users(fb and twitter) have a low percentage of brand following, however it would be interesting to see the data on word of mouth/mentions of brands that occurs […]