Rediscovering your garden

Over the past year families have rediscovered their gardens using them for play, relaxation, urban farm, office, nature reserve, classroom, dining room, kitchen, entertaining space. More families realising the potential of these sometimes neglected area mostly as houses have grown in size over the past few decades. Residential gardens are vital as they represent part […]

Decentralising Australian cities via high speed rail

I lived in China for over 10 years and saw the transformation of cities through the building high-speed rail connections. The first weekend of my time in China in 2005,  I took a K-Train to Suzhou(about 100kms from Shanghai) to see the gardens, and it took about 55-60 minutes on the train and we passed through […]

Where They Create – Paul Barbera | website & now a book

Paul Berbara is from my hometown – Melbourne Australia and has been travelling as a photographer for many years across the world. Along the way he has documented the offices, studios, workshops and creative spaces of many architects, designers, artists, fashion designers and other creative people. The photos became and then a Where They […]

Frank Gehry’s UTS building – catalyst for modern Sydney Architecture

Frank Gehry’s of new architectural design for the Dr Chau Chak Wing(see above) at the University of Technology in Sydney was recently published on – Gehry unveils his ‘mystery’ $150 million Australian debut. Its been dubbed the Tree-house – Australian’s have a knack for giving nick names to buildings or places such as the Harbour […]