Landscape Architecture Trends for 2022

Over the past few years, I have published predictions about landscape architecture trends for the coming year. I have provided a detailed review of my 2021 predictions in my review (link). I have not covered all the landscape architecture ideas and trends for 2022 in the following piece as I have focused on the crucial […]

Rediscovering your garden

Over the past year families have rediscovered their gardens using them for play, relaxation, urban farm, office, nature reserve, classroom, dining room, kitchen, entertaining space. More families realising the potential of these sometimes neglected area mostly as houses have grown in size over the past few decades. Residential gardens are vital as they represent part […]

Traces in Landscape – PWP Landscape Architecture [VIDEO] Chinese Subtitles

Peter Walker speaks of the many landscape around the world and his experiences designing in Japan, Taiwan and other parts of the world. Subtitles in Chinese. 字幕在中国。 Traces in Landscape from PWP Landscape Architecture on Vimeo.

What is a landscape architecture?

Landscape Architecture is the design of outdoor spaces (and often indoor spaces) through the integration of the environment, design, art, science, economy and sociology. It involves the understanding ecologically, geology, urban planning, economy, culture, and people in able to design a better environment. Landscape architecture is a design study and profession of various sizes of […]