Landscape Architecture trends for 2020 and the coming decade

Every year I look to predict the future landscape architecture trends for the coming year and for 2020 I will be looking at the coming decade. As there are many areas of the industry and possible topics this article will briefly cover the main trends. I also recently published my recent review of my 2019 predictions for […]

Stop going to your professional annual conference – go to someone else’s

Year after year I hear people go to the same conference. Why? Different city, different speakers? Isn’t it time your thought a little outside your profession and went to something a little or completely different. Seeing the same people year after year hearing the same ideas about what the profession should be doing or a […]

Your learning and work environment makes a difference

Think of your school, university or workplace unless you are someone fortunate enough to be in a interesting work or learning environment,  I am guessing the walls in your office or school are white, the floor is a some hue of grey or dark colour and the furniture looks like it came from an industrial […]

Innovation through difference

Rapid innovation does not occur through persevering at one idea with the same people until you ‘crack’ the code.  You may get some innovation this way and many scientists, business people have gone this route however their progress is slow and I am sure they spoke to other people about their problems. Creating difference in […]