Design regulations against terrorism – a catalyst for change

Over the last year there have been several terrorist incidents that have seen the loss of life in our cities and due to this acts we have seen governments have turned to security experts, police departments and intelligence experts to offer advice on how to make cities safer. This is a continuation of the ever increasing change in the way we live our lives over the last few decades as we have secured airports, train stations, bus stations, border crossings and tourist attractions.

Due to recent events the Australian government has sort advice from security experts and recently, the Prime Minister of Australia launched the Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism. A document which seeks to “…assist owners and operators to increase the safety, protection and resilience of crowded places across Australia.”. This strategy is similar to the Crowded Places Guidance recently published by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office(UK) and the FEMA – Site and Urban Design for Security.


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Stop going to your professional annual conference – go to someone else’s

Year after year I hear people go to the same conference. Why? Different city, different speakers? Isn’t it time your thought a little outside your profession and went to something a little or completely different. Seeing the same people year after year hearing the same ideas about what the profession should be doing or a variation on that new idea from 5 years ago. Maybe its time your went to a unconference or a tech conference or a music festival or a trade show that has nothing to do with your industry. Why? Well, think about the last time you felt inspired at the professional annual conference. Don’t you feel like everyone’s drank the coolaid and patting themselves on the back in your profession conference? Its time for a change in scenery.

If your an structural, civil, hydro engineer go to the architects or the planners conference – you may learn something and pick a bit of business. If your in PR, Marketing, Media go to CES or electronics trade show or the tourism show. If your in sales go to the distribution show or the logistics conferences.

I think you’ll be amazed at how seeing it from your customer, allied professional or another field may change the way you look at what you do and inspire you with new ideas.