How will our cities change after COVID-19?

There are many things that pre-COVID-19 that we took as “normal” such as going into the office every day, travelling on public transport, eating lunch out and shopping late. Many city streets have been empty for several weeks with governments planning for opening up the current restrictions to allow people to return to work, shop […]

Shanghai starts promoting Precast Concrete in Construction

Nearly every building, landscape and piece of construction in China uses insitu concrete (on-site poured) concrete. There are many issues with on-site concrete include Pollution: On site pollution, waste, noise, trucks, on-site mixers, soil compaction, water pollution Inefficient Usage: Concrete goes off (bad) quickly if not used within 20-30 minutes, transport needs to be fast […]

Sustainable Landscape Architecture Part 2: Does Green = Sustainable Landscape Design?

Often as landscape architects we are drawn into this belief that we are creating sustainable landscape architecture if we are creating a green landscape. We may be planting trees and plants but we wrongly assume that the landscape design we are creating is sustainable. Green does not mean sustainable. When working at BAU in Shanghai […]

Sustainable Landscape Architecture Part 1: Definition & Background

This is part 1 of 5 on Sustainable Landscape Design and my theories and ideas on the subject. My ideas have been heavily influenced by my reading, studying, editing of World Landscape Architecture and working with James Brearley at BAU, Jim Sinatra of Sinatra Murphy, Bruce Echberg at Urban Initiatives, various projects at Aspect Studios […]