Chinese New Year Holiday Period and construction stops

Currently its leading up to the Chinese New Year holiday period with people heading home for celebrations with family. Building and landscape construction has stopped on many sites, most of the projects I have been working on had a rush until Wednesday (11 January) and now they are ghost sites with not a soul to […]

Sustainable Landscape Architecture Part 4: Can standards and certification create sustainable landscapes?

At last I got round to finishing my blog posts – Part 4 and 5 of Sustainable Landscape Architecture Series. Although I believe that standards such Sustainable Sites and certification such as LEED AP can contribute to advancing landscape architecture and creating sustainable landscapes they also become a crutch that we point to and say […]

Improve tourism development through holistic design

In China, government and developers are looking more and more towards tourism development to captialise on the growing market of middle class Chinese who travel across China on national holidays. They are seeking new places, different cultures, different food and new experiences to remember for years to come. The current developments they are visiting are […]