Where They Create – Paul Barbera | website & now a book

Paul Berbara is from my hometown – Melbourne Australia and has been travelling as a photographer for many years across the world. Along the way he has documented the offices, studios, workshops and creative spaces of many architects, designers, artists, fashion designers and other creative people. The photos became wheretheycreate.com and then a Where They […]

Co-ordination is key to a great project

Landscape architects can create a great project and less problems for the client and contractor by coordinating with other design professionals and ensuring that there is constant communication between all design consultants,. ARCHITECTS Co-ordinating with the architects ensures the interface between the building and the landscape is complementary. Nothing is worse that exposed structure or […]

Design changes the way you live, work and play everyday

Design affects you everyday from the time you rise from your bed to the time you come home and retire to bed. Design is everywhere and helps you in every way achieve you goals for the day. Design occurs from the mundane such as tap or door to the highly sophisticated such as a car or plane […]