Why do I dislike lists and qualifiers?

There are many best and top lists that are created that are over arbitrary and do not consider the broader context. Think of the best or top list you have read and wonder how they were formulated. Often the list created doesn’t declare how it was formulated or if there were paid endorsements. Over the past decade, paid lists have been the norm on the internet and therefore have made lists that have no disclosures are worthless.

The other issue I have is qualifiers, such as the first or largest, or most declarations, is that over the years, seen many lists or qualifiers that are untrue as they are based in a western context. An example is the highest-selling or longest bridge or similar, which may be in the western world, but as the person curating the list is searching or researching in English or their first language, and in turn, missed (intentionally or unintentionally) examples or instances that may have been written about in a language other than English.

I advise that when you see a list (best, top, most) or qualifier(richest, first) and determine who is the curator? what is their context? and what their objective is? All too often, there is a lack of research or bias(paid or unpaid) that leads to arbitrary or false lists and declarations.