There is no one worldview

There is no one worldview, and there is no one correct opinion. People are constantly becoming more insular and more tribal about their view of the world and that everything should be the same or follow a certain design paradigm or social construct. If we have learnt anything from history is that your view (opinion) of the world can be false or will change over time depending on your life situation (age, politics, finances, family, accommodation, etc).

What you think of a project, topic, or person today may change in a week or year. I feel people need to be exposed to various views, designs, and topics in an impartial manner.

Thinking that there is one worldview or correct view is immature and lacks the understanding that there are many cultures and places. Trying to change everyone to have the same worldview is a futile effort. There is a need for tolerance, understanding and inquisitiveness about the world. The way to increase your understanding of the world is to read different media beyond that of your city and country. And the next step beyond that is to talk to people forming different cultures and backgrounds in your town. Then, I would say that you should travel to various places beyond your own country and continent to see for yourself that the world has many views and is beautifully nuanced.