Reporting rather than commentary

Often I receive emails or messages berating or questioning my editorial integrity about controversial projects or topics. The narrative of the email or message is something along the line of why aren’t you criticising “insert project name or person” or why aren’t you writing an editorial about “insert topic”? I don’t feel compelled to write […]

Attracting people to become Landscape Architects

There is increasing demand for landscape architects as more clients (private & public) engage landscape architects to undertake masterplans, infill development, upgrade city centres, infrastructure, climate change adaptation and many other projects. At the same time, many leave the industry as they reach retirement age or seek to change careers. Therefore, the profession needs to […]

The need to combat ‘international design’ landscapes and embrace the local context

Over the past two decades, landscape architecture has grown in importance and stature across the world. More and more landscape architects are taking on projects in their local area and abroad. However, over the same period, we have seen an increase in the design of spaces that are standard style, with many designs imitating or […]