How to promote the Landscape Architecture profession

Landscape Architecture does not always receive the acknowledgement that it deserves. Landscape architecture combines many areas of study and expertise to create a comprehensive design that unites a site, park or city together as one cohesive whole. There is a need for landscape architects and profession to advocate and promote the profession to government officials, clients and the community.

We can do that in various ways by advocating, educating, participating and celebrating landscape architecture.


As part of the profession, we often leave it up to the landscape organisations to advocate on our behalf to governments, city and institutions. As landscape architects, we often see issues with city or development projects, and we need to use soft approach and provide government officials and clients with more knowledge.


The best approach is to educate people about the profession and the benefits it brings their cities and daily life. Many of the fantastic places they visit and remember are places and landscapes designed and created by landscape architects. It is essential to take every opportunity to educate the people about the landscape architecture profession, our skills, knowledge, and most of all, the value that we bring to their daily life.


Many publications, organisations, education institutions, and others often call out for speakers, projects, surveys, editorials, and other content. These events are your opportunity to go out and participate as a landscape architect in the broader community beyond the landscape architecture profession. It is easy and more comfortable to participate in landscape events; Taking the opportunity to join with other professionals and people in the community allows you to learn about other people and creates an opportunity to educate others about the landscape architecture profession.

Communicate Clearly

When you communicate as a landscape architect, it is best to cater the message to your audience. Many people do not have the knowledge or understanding of landscape architecture. Keeping the message simple and not using jargon or industry phrases, or acronyms makes it easier for people to understand your message.


We need to celebrate every piece of landscape architecture research, conceptual design, initiative, built projects and awards. We don’t celebrate the profession often enough beyond well-publicised projects. We as a profession need to celebrate all that we do. Whether it is a small local park or a new city foreshore, we need to celebrate it. Honouring each of these events allows people to understand the profession. Please celebrate everything you do as a landscape architect with your colleagues, friends and family, whether on Wechat or in person at your next dinner.

Written by Damian Holmes, Founder and Editor of WLA.