Social Infographic – Facebook vs twitter

Digital Surgeons recently posted an infographic – Facebook vs Twitter. The most interesting data is the differences between Age Group, Education, mobile logins and brand followers. Both sets of users(fb and twitter) have a low percentage of brand following, however it would be interesting to see the data on word of mouth/mentions of brands that occurs […]

Australia’s National Broadband Network: White Elephant in the making

Debated started back in 2002 on National Broadband Network (NBN) for Australia and gained more traction during the 2007 election. Last year, the Australian government announced it was going to spend $43 billion on implementing the NBN – a fibre optic network with a speed of 100 Mpbs to 93% of population (in other worlds […]

China property market tightening to continue through 2011

Wang Shi, Chairman of  Vanke (China’a largest property developer) this week stated during the China Investment Summit that the market was tightening due to the Central Government’s tightening campaign and that the tightening had been effective. He also spoke about real estate prices cooling in a market that has been called a ridiculous bubble. Wang believes that […]

Is Social Media now called ‘Social’? – I hope so

Current Social Media is about 4-5 years old depending on who you listen or follow but really didn’t start to gain traction until 2008. Over time its has been mostly referred to as Social Media but many people who are seen as the Social Media experts/gurus/advocates/insert your catchy name/  have not always been happy with […]