Attracting people to become Landscape Architects

There is increasing demand for landscape architects as more clients (private & public) engage landscape architects to undertake masterplans, infill development, upgrade city centres, infrastructure, climate change adaptation and many other projects. At the same time, many leave the industry as they reach retirement age or seek to change careers. Therefore, the profession needs to […]

Square or Park?

This week the International Landscape Architecture Festival kicks off in Melbourne Australia. The theme of the conference is The Square and The Park. The festival curators see it as a contentious issue between these two landscape typologies which dominate our cities that haven’t changed in the past hundred years. Many cities across the world are grappling […]

Can landscape architects take on the challenges of Climate Change?

In their latest report Climate Change and Land, the IPCC has stated that land is a critical resource under growing human pressure through Agriculture, forestry as well as other types of land use that collectively account for 23% of human greenhouse gas emissions. According to the IPCC, the critical for food security, but this needs […]

Not every project is a landmark competition winning project

Recently, I have been surveying World Landscape Architecture readers for their feedback on the design, content and user experience. I looked at some of the responses today and overall the feedback was good with some great insights on how to improve WLA. However, I think there are a couple of readers who miss the point […]