Are you ready to commit to a continued conversation?

Criticising a design or person, or topic can create tension or discourage designers or government officials when they are trying to achieve the best they can. Also, people and countries are at different stages of development. They have different cultural and social expectations, and my or your opinion may assist them. Still, unless there is a commitment to a continual ongoing conversation and discourse then it is a one-sided conversation that doesn’t evolve the learning and understanding of either person/s.

When considering providing commentary on a topic, consider whether you are willing to spend the time to go beyond your remark or comment and commit to creating a conversation that leads to a better outcome. We often seek to prove a point or make a statement to win rather than increase learning or find a better solution. There is a need to remove ego and move into a position of self-reflection and understanding, which is often the hardest step when creating and curating a conversation with others.