Design changes the way you live, work and play everyday

Design affects you everyday from the time you rise from your bed to the time you come home and retire to bed. Design is everywhere and helps you in every way achieve you goals for the day. Design occurs from the mundane such as tap or door to the highly sophisticated such as a car or plane where numerous design elements come together to work as one system.

A designer is someone who solves a problem or creates a solution to a question never asked. Designers are not just people with special skills or way of thinking they are everyday people who are trying to creating a better and more interesting world.

Designers  can be architects, engineers, planners, stylists, musicians, artists, and also professional designer in various areas of design including  urban, industrial, graphic, interiors, lighting, sound, fashion, jewelery, web, game, furniture, visual and so on. Everyday designers effect the way you work, live and play – your desk, chair, computer, phone – your crockery, table, restaurant, car, plane – your racquet, console, bike. All these have elements of design that were created by a designer whether the object is practical, curvaceous, austere, clean, minimalist, modern, antique, whimsical or audacious. Design can be seen everywhere, everyday and designers effect everything you do and how you feel.

Designers are often the silent heroes to me  – the ones who aren’t the starchitects or fashion icons or jewelery powerhouses – these people who design day in day out giving the heart and soul to design items of practicality or beauty. Although many do it for ego, most do it for the love of design. So if you know a designer or buy a design that you love drop the designer an email or written note saying how it makes you feel as that will make any designers day.