Keynote by Kongjian Yu (俞孔坚 土人设计)at IFLA 2011 Congress in Zurich [Video]

Kongjian Yu (俞孔坚) gave a keynote at the IFLA 2011 Congress in Zurich which give a brief history of his career and then moves on to his ideas about Big Foot Landscape/Urbanism. Kongjian Yu has been key in changing the attitude in China from traditional landscape gardening or landscape as floral art and creating a vision of landscape architecture as natural landscape. His projects have won numerous ASLA and other awards across the world for his parks and especially the Houtan Park designed as a wetland park on the rivers edge of the Shanghai EXPO 2010 park. Houtan Park is a landscape that is used by many in China as best-practice for wetland design.

Anyone wishing to know more about landscape architecture would be well-served in watching this keynote at IFLA.

Landscape architecture: Keynote of Kongjian Yu from hayal oezkan on Vimeo.